Friday, December 21, 2012

Advice I wish I'd Gotten- Elder Barker

Elder Barker- Amaheim California Mission

I wish I had known that it wouldn't be as scary as I was antisipationg- like I felt sick and like I was on death row as I flew away from the MTC.
It really wasn't that bad. it was just different.

I wish I had learned earlier that bible bashing doesn't do anything. It just wastes time. The spirit isn't able to testify in contencious situations. I spent a good portion of my mission reading scriptures and trying to remeber ones that would be good to bring up if I got in a situation with a bible basher. When We did happen on them and I brought up the scriptures the person or people just ignored them and moved to another point to argue. I think it's in one of the espistles of Paul when paul says something about not arguing but when I finally read that It hit me that I had wasted so much time trying to argue with people that wouldn't be swayed and they were trying to argue with me and I wouldn't be swayed so it was pointless on both sides.

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