Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When Upon Life's Billows Cartoon

Here is another fun piece by Elder Gutierrez. This one shows some of the trials and blessings of tracting as set to the words of "Count Your Blessings". It is the Spanish version of the hymn, I will translate it a bit more literally, but it would be just as funny to the English words.

"When you are surrounded by pains and strifes..."
Angry Man- "I'm Catholic!"
"When temptation roar with fury..."
Attractive Girl- "Come on in, do you want to read me the bible?"
"See your blessings, count them and you will see..."
Woman- "I made Milanesas!"
Missionaries- "Again?"
"How many blessings from Jesus you have."
Friendly man- "Come in!"

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